What We Offer

Unique Educational Program

Exclusive early childhood education services for ages 2 to 1st grade that enhance your child’s learning skills and social development through arts and crafts, dance, language acquisition (English and Armenian), science, and basic arithmetic.

Beautiful Facility

State of the art facilities with large classrooms, designated napping areas, separate restrooms for boys and girls, large indoor and outdoor space, well naturally lit classrooms and new, developmentally appropriate, furnishing for comfortable learning and playing experience.

Educational Learning and Playing Tools

Uniquely designed education plan for four age groups (2-3, 3-4, 4-5, 5-kindergarten), large playground with shaded rest areas, variety of toys, games, play equipment, and educational materials selected by our child development specialist to ensure that they are age-appropriate and serve as teaching tools and learning stimuli.

Healthy Food

Nutritionally balanced healthy meals prepared daily with fresh produce served four times a day: hot breakfast, hot lunch, hot dinner, and healthy afternoon snacks.

Professional Staff

A team of early childhood education professionals who love their job, are trained, and committed to offer excellent child care services including individual approach to each child’s unique needs, caring and loving environment, and an acute attention to safety and health.

Safe and Healthy Environment

A welcoming and extremely clean facility. We pay great attention to detail and have your child’s safety and health in mind. We use hardwood flooring for better air quality, central heating and cooling for comfortable temperature, soft rubber outdoor flooring for safe play, and clean toys that are regularly checked and recycled.

Our Partners

Child Care Resource Center