I have 2 boys attending Kid’s Planet for the past two years, and my daughter will start it in September. If I had to sum up my review, this is an excellent school run by educated, caring people who love children and value education. Aside from being very clean and organized, the school has outstanding staff. Ms. Nune and Ms. Hermine, who teach the youngest kids, are very kind and genuinely love kids. Last year, when my younger son, was in their class. Every single day I watched Ms. Nune greet him with a big hug. He loved going to school and got really attached to both teachers. This year he is in Ms. Anna’s class, and both of my boys loved going to her class. My oldest is now attending their oldest group with Ms. Alice. She is an amazing instructor. He has learned how to write and read in both English and Armenian and do first grade math. Ms. Alice covers a wide range of subjects from having a high self esteem to world geography, anatomy and astronomy. For instance, my son knows the names of all of the continents and oceans, and the names of all 13 planets in our solar system. He comes home with positive slogans like “I should keep trying and never give up”. Also, the director, her husband and son are amazingly kind and accommodating people.